Three new services to protect your business

  • Posted on: 4 November 2020
  • By: ali

Over the years I have constantly looked at ways to enhance and improve the service we offer here at Fiscal Business Solutions. This year particularly, I've considered how we can better protect your business, with services complementary to our core offering of bookkeeping and management accounts.

The three services I'm about to describe, I believe, can put a protective fence around your business, ensuring you are doing business with the right people, not giving too much credit, and with both legal and practical solutions if you ever need them.

Firstly, the foundation of all of the other services is client monitoring. Sometimes a client's situation will change without us knowing. A previously good client might experience financial difficulties, or have a change of ownership, or some other factor which affects their ability to pay. By having inside information, collected from a range of sources, we are able to offer our clients solid intelligence which can help them decide when not to extend credit, when to reduce the amount of credit offered and, of course, when it is safe and proper to give credit to a client.

Having real financial knowledge about a client, with monthly alerts should anything change, could make the difference to whether you get paid, or extend credit to a business which will never be able to pay. I personally analyse our monthly reports before I send them, explaining what the core information means.

From just £25 per month, plus VAT, you can have the peace of mind that you're doing business with the right people and that your invoices will continue to be paid on time.

Secondly, we now offer legal coverage and advice, for just a small monthly fee, through our partners Legal Shield. This means that as soon as alarm bells start ringing, or as soon as something happens in your life which could create you a legal problem, you have a lawyer to speak to, without amassing huge fees. From employment law to driving offences, Legal Shield will save you time, stress and allow you to continue to concentrate on your business, from just £19 per month. Just call us for more details, and how to sign up.

Lastly, our safety net. Should things not work out, for any reason, we can use our credit control experience to successfully collect any debt outstanding to your business. We act politely, assertively and professionally, with the same service you've come to expect from us, so that your invoice is paid and you retain your important relationship with your client. A bad invoice doesn't need to mean the end of a longstanding business relationship, we understand that and deal with your invoices and your clients with the utmost respect. Our fee will depend on the size and age of the debt, along with a few other considerations so please call us, in total confidence, if there is an issue you'd like to discuss.

As ever, we value your custom and want to offer our services to help your business thrive. To talk about any of this, or anything else, just call me, Ali, and we'll take it from there.

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